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Monday, 20 April 2009


“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother”, says Oprah Winfrey . Mother’s day is a time when all mothers are celebrated and not only the nice ones. There is no better time in the year to pay tribute to those we have learned to love and to loathe, mothers who have been portrayed in the big screen have made us try to understand the enigmatic complexity that brings children and mums together.
Juggling parenting, career, love life and sanity is a job only to be performed by someone who can repair the kitchen sink with only her hands -- after Daddy spent a lot of time trying with tools and plenty of cuss words. Being a mother in the ‘silver screen’ is not much easier than in real life. Can you think of remarkable movie ‘moms’ ? Why don’t you help us complete our list, but remember this list is for all kinds of moms, the good and the bad, real or animation, beauties or those who are in need of improvement…so here we go!

Helen Parr (aka Elastigirl)
Appears in:
The Incredibles (2004)Portrayed by: Holly Hunter
Moms perform superhuman feats every day. They dispense valuable advice. They're protective of their children, but know when to let go and allow them to forge their own paths. And they're always true to their own values. Thus, Elastigirl (voiced by Holly Hunter) in The Incredibles is the distillation of maternal excellence -- and she's great at crime-fighting to boot. (Alas, she probably shouldn't have left the poor babysitter alone with super-infant Jack

Mrs. Gump
Appears in: Forrest Gump (1994)Portrayed by: Sally Field
Six years may not seem like a long time, but for Sally Field, they were the difference between playing Tom Hanks' friend (in 1988's Punchline) and playing his rock-solid, long-suffering mother (in 1994's Forrest Gump). From the film's first act, in which she does some implied horizontal boppin' with the dean of a private school to ensure her son's admission, you know you only wished your mom loved you as much as Mrs. Gump loved Forrest. For Field -- who is, for the record, only 10 years Hanks' senior -- the role capped a string of positively received roles that brought her back from the squishy rom-com territory she'd wandered into during the mid-'80s (1987's Surrender, anyone?).

Joan Crawford

Appears in:
Mommie Dearest (1981)Portrayed by: Faye
If Christina Crawford is to be believed (and some claim she isn't), her adoptive mother Joan was a better actress than a parent. Much better. Frank Perry's camp classic Mommie Dearest shows Crawford hacking off Christina's hair, giving away her birthday presents, slapping her, using her (and her siblings) for public relations purposes, and tackling her with a force that would make Lawrence Taylor wince. (And let's not even start on those wire hangers.) In a scenery-chewing -- nay, gobbling -- performance, Faye Dunaway became one of cinema's most notorious examples of bad parenting.

Mama Bates
Appears in:
Psycho (1960)
Poor Norman Bates. All he wants to do is listen to Beethoven and devote time to taxidermy. And yet his mom nags him all the time into maintaining his failing motel. (Spoiler Alert!) No wonder business is slow; Mrs. Bates demands that Norman take a Ginsu to anyone foolish enough to stop by. (At least she taught him how to do housework, since the shower in room #1 is clean as a whistle.) A lot of moms are possessive of their children, but most are at least kind enough not to take up residence in their sons' brains -- or badger them from beyond the grave

Bren MacGuff
Appears in: Juno (2007)
Portrayed by: Allison Janey
Okay, so her dialogue during the first third of the film drifts perilously close to the brink of the stilted, see-how-hip-we-are patois traditionally favored by screenwriters putting words in the mouth of "real" teens -- but Diablo Cody's script quickly redeems itself, giving Ellen Page the rare opportunity to play a pregnant teenager whose journey to delivery avoids all the stereotypical Afterschool Special plot devices that Hollywood can't seem to live without.� In fact, Juno's decision to give the baby up for adoption is one of the least dramatic decisions she makes during the course of the film; it takes her no time at all to decide that she is, in her own words, "ill-equipped" to give her progeny the life she wants for it. If that isn't motherly love, folks, what is?

Ok …Now it’s your turn! Tell us about your favorite or least favorite movie mom.

By Giselle Santos


Adriana Batista and Daniela said...

Nene from "A Grande Família"

She is in her fifties, she has short black hair. She likes to wear colourful and she looks like a Christmas tree.
She is married to Lineu. She has two children: Bebel and Tuco, and she has two grandchildrens.
She lives in a "vila" in Rio de Janeiro, and her neighborhoos is very funny. There are Beiçolas´s pastelaria, a Marilda´s Hair salon and Paulão´s car shop.
She is a great mother.

By Adriana Batista and Daniela

thamys Queiroz and José Augusto - Brasília Asa Sull said...

Lucinha Araújo fron Cazuza - O tempo Não Para

Her name is Lucinha Araújo. She is Cazuza's mother in real life and in the movei: Cazuza - O Tempo Não Para.
She looks like a socilite, but she is an intelectual woman.
She is a journalist and participates in the Program Manhattan Connection.
She has long black hair and browh eyes. She is tall and slim. She is in her sixties. She always wears wonderfull clothes.
She is a beautiful woman.
The film is about her son Cazuza who died of AIDS in 1990.
She was with her son until the end.
She overcame the tragedy.
She is a great mother and woman.

By Thamys Queiroz and José Augusto - Cultura Express 2 - Brasília, Asa Sul

Adriana Batista & Daniela said...

Comment about Nene From a Grande Familia posted by Adriana Batista and Daniela from Cultura Express 2 Brasilia Asa Sul

José Diogo Master 1 Brasília Asa Sul said...

Beatrix Kiddo
Appears in: Kill Bill I (2003) and Kill Bill II (2004)
Portrayed by: Uma Thurman
This mother is a big example for everyone. In the day of her marriage, some thiefs tried to kill her and she was pregnant. When she awake, in the hospital, after a long time in coma, she goes after for the one that tried to kill her. She entered a lot of battles till the moment she finds the one that pretend to be her hubby (Bill), with her daughter, and discovered that he planned to kill her, but he can't. And they start a battle, Beatrix kills Bill and gets her daughter again. All the both movies she did everything that she could do to get the girl back, and she got it! Very nice mum.

Leonnardo Alves, Brasília, master 1 Asa sul said...

Arlene McKinney from "a corrente do bem"

Arlene McKinney(Helen Hunt)is Trevor McKinney(Haley Joel Osment)mother.
In the film Arlene McKinney takes drugs and drink so much that she forget's that she have a son,who try to help her.
She was a beatifull women and she works in a strip club.
She and Trevor live alone because the Trevor dad's runaway when he was a babe, she never have time for her son and because that Trevor was a alone Kid.
In my oppinion she was a terrible mother who donesn't care for her children

By: Leonnardo Alexandre Souza Alves

Luis Maia Master 1 Brasília Asa Sul said...

Juno MacGuff(interpretated by Ellen Page) from the film Juno.
In my opinion,she is the worst Mom in the movies,because in the beggining of the pregnancy, she simply tries to get rid of her child,through abortion and adoption.Although,as the pregancy progresses,she starts to care and love her child.
Quite frankly,i loathe her actions and herself,nonetheless the film was great.

Rafaella said...

Grace - The Others
Nicole Kidman plays Grace Stewart in the film The Others and has two children, a boy and a girl. Apparently, the family lives in a normal house and are wainting for the father who was in the war when unusual things start to happen. The children have photosensitivity and Grace create rules in order to protect them. Three servents arrive at the house and Grace starts to fear that they are not alone because odd events keep hapening. The love of mother is touching and Nicole plays very well.

Rafaella Rocha, Brasília Asa Sul Master 1

Rogério Master 1 Asa Sul said...

There is the movie Mamma Mia, which is a musical, stage-to-film adaptation. The story is about the beautiful single mother Donna Sheridan, played by Meryl Streep, who looks for possible fathers to her daughter, Sophie, with the rest of the casting.

Fernanda Pimentel Master 1 Brasília Asa Sul said...

Kyle Pratt from Flight Plan.
While flying from Berlim to New York, Kyle's six years old daughter desappears. The mother, desperate and almost going crazy, goes after her child, but the crew says that the little girl had never entered that plane. She tries to speak to the other passengers, but they all haven't seen Kyle's missing daughter. I enjoy this moovie, because it shows not only persistence when she tries to convince people that she distinctly remember being with her daughter in that plane, but also a deep mother love.

Isabela Brito - Master 1 - Brasília, Asa Sul said...

Meryl Streep plays Donna in "Mamma Mia!"

Donna is a lovely mother, who lives only with her daughter, Sophie, in a village on a greek island. Everytime Donna puts Sophie in first place, thinking only about her happiness and preparing her wedding. Making sure everything's going to be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Karla da Silva Rocha - Karlinha-rocha@hotmail.com

Artificial Intelligence

In my oppion, the mother who people can love or hate. Because, Monica, the mother, has a child, but her little boy was sick and while their son was not at home, her husband wanna restart their lifes and obtain some happiness. To achieve that happiness, he got an idea, in this difficult beggining without their son at home, he decide to adopt a robbot who has real feelings. This robbot's name is David, he looks like the family's son.
In the beggining, Monica, can't accept a substitute for her son, but after some time she appearently starts to love him. But, when her son comes back home, the family simply forget him. And he, the robbot, journeys out in order to discover a way to become a real boy.
Mother's love for her real son is admirable, however, the act of abandon a creature with real feeling is awful. She mixes a lover mother and a sort of bad stepmother.

Taís said...

Maria from the Sound of Music

To be a mother of seven is never easy, specially when they've been delivered by another woman.

With her sincere kindness and love Maria managed to gain the kids trust and transform thier lives, showing us that mothers aren´t only the biological ones.


Techer Taís Bahia
Freguesia Branch - RJ

Luis e felipe Asa Sul Interlink 6 said...

Margie from the simpsons
We think she is one of most worst mothers, because most of time she didn't take care of maggie and lisa. And she doesn't work to get more money to their sons.

Amanda e Bruna - Asa Sul/Brasília said...

Edward's mother (Esme).
Cause even he isn't her son, she takes care of him, protects and loves him a lot. She gives support to him in whatever situation. She's so cute!

Ana Clara and Julia said...

The mother from a little miss sunshine

She is perfect mother because she support a lot her daught to participated in a beaty contest even her family having a lot of problems.

Cultura Inglesa asa sul(Brasília)

Marina and Daniel Interlink 6 Brasília Asa Sul said...

Kyle Pratt from flight plan
Her dougther desapear in the middle of the flight and she freaks out. The persons on the flight start to think she is crazy because the name of her child is not on the passangers list. She looked out for her little baby all the film. We think that she is good example of a wonderfull mother because she never give up of finding her child even when nobody beleved on her. It's a good movie.

Amanda and Rafael said...

Amanda Botelho and Rafael Mangueira
Brasilia- Asa sul
Raimunda(Penélope Cruz)- Volver

After Irene, the daugther, kill her father who tried to sexually abuse her, her mother raimunda, began a saga to save her daugther and to confront the ghost'relationship of her family.
In that Film Pedro Almodovar Shows All the potencial of the relation between mom and daugther and the female souls.

Jeovan said...

Jeovan Silva - Conversation - Asa Sul
My favourite movie mom is Imitation of Life (1959). It is really a classic and the final scene, when the rebel daughter asks for forgiveness in her mother's funeral is quite moving.

Jaqueline and Marcela said...

Brasília - Asa Sul
Marge - Simpsons

Marge is a mother who is known for her strange blue hair. She is very patient and faithful. She's a mother that spends her time taking care of her children and housework. She is always with Lisa, her little daughter. She tries to protect her children from Homer who is always angry. Then, she is the one who keeps the family together.

Paula and Vitor - Brasília - Asa Sul said...

Let´s talk about Christine Collins, a mother who lived on 1928 in Los Angeles.
She had an only and beatiful child whom was her reason to live.
One day, when she back home, her child had desapeared. So, she became to look for him desperately and the police give her a child, a boy. But he is not her missed child.
She told the history to everybody, but no one believed her.
Thus, she knew that her child was taken by a serial killer, but she never knows if her son is alive or died.
But, like a good and carefull mother, she never stops to look for him, until the end of her life.
This the end of the movie: she never finds her missed son.
Through this movie, we can see the power of a mother's love, who never gives up to her son, never gives up to look for him, even against all the circunstaces.

Marina and Guilherme - Express Plus 3- Brasília - Asa Sul said...

Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli) from Heroes

She is mother who has two sons that have very different personalities: one is a conservative senator of USA who can fly,and the other is radical paramedic at NY who can absover any power of another people. At the first moment, She doesn't seem to be worried about her familly and her sons. She is very futile and able to do unimaginable things like kill people who cross her way, but when she is in a bad situation, she worries about her familly, her actions, her choices and her desires.

Velasques/Rennan - E. Plus 3 - Asa Sul said...

We watched in Discovery Channel, a amazing documentary about strong female Momma in a group of lions. She was the one who lead the hunt and take care the puppies and she supouse to choose the male lion which have to be strong enough to protect the group and be the breeder.

She looks the best female lion on the group, used to be the leader. And when she dies, the group got lost. It's very curious how much important is the mother in wild life and the way that she teach the puppies how to hunt until they be able to do it alone.

Claudia / Lucieder said...

Hi all,

We can not forget Spiderman's aunt, to be honest, we consider her like a mom, not just an aunt.
She loves and take care about him as a son, and give him good advices and directions about his life.
The movie show us how important is a mother in our lifes.
In a part of the movie, she told to Peter that he should forgive the man who had killed his uncle.
It has changed completely his life and actions.
We have to pay attention with the way that we speak and take care about our mothers that we love so much.
We would like to say hundreds words, however it is difficult to describe in a few words one person so special in our lifes, we have no words to say more. It is almost all.

It is like we usually says "Behind a great person there is a great mother".

Think about it.

Yours faithfully

Claudia / Lucieder
Brasilia Asa Sul

Brasilio - Asa Sul - Daniele and Rogerio said...

Cazuza's mother - Lucinha Araújo - O tempo não para.
In our opinion, she was a bad mother because she didn't set him limits and let him anything he wanted. Because it he became a lasy and spoiled guy who used drugs and was drunk all the time.
As a result, he was a addict of drugs and alcoholic what enabled contracted the AIDS virus and died.

Valéria - Brasília Asa Sul said...

MARIA (Isabella Rosselini) from the movie "COUSINS"

Maria is a kind of mother that does everything to make her family happy. She doesn´t know how say "NO" whatever happens to her. Her life was a annoying routine. His husband is a man that has secret relantions with others women. Maria knows about it, but 'cause of her daughter she still believes that her husband is a good person, a good father that works a lot and do everything to the family happiness. On her cousins wedding, Maria met a dancing teacher, Larry. Maria and Larry became friends. He is her mother's nephew. In some days, she figured out that she could be a happy person doing what she likes to do still being a good mother.

Helena Queiroz & Júlia Costa - Basic 5 Brasília , Asa sul said...

Cullen's Mother

Esme Cullen is a realy good foster mother . She enjoys restoring old houses and her physical age is 26 , she has no special power, but has a strong ability to love passionately . Esme treats Bella ( her son's girlfriend who will become part of the family later ) as her own daughter, comforting her after several traumatic events . She's so kind that she doesn't mind staying home most of the time to take care of the house , her husband and children , who aren't children anymore . She supports all the decisions of her children , she just want them to be fine and happy ! We would love to be adopted by her ! =D

Pedro e Vitor - Brasilia DF - Basic 5 said...

Angelina Jolie Voight was born on June 4th,1975 she is an American actor,she did a lot of films.
She has received three Golden Globe Awards,two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and an Academy Award. She is married to Brad Pitt.
She has been cited as one of the world's most beautiful women and her off-screen life is widely reported,she is young woman,she has a beautiful eyes and a lot of money in the bank,she has 6 childrens.
She is a very good actor and she has made a lot of good films like 'Mr. and Mrs.Smith","Tomb Rider" and a lot of others.
Summarizing it is successful in life.

Catarine e Julia Brasilia asa sul - basic 5 said...

catarine e julia from cultura asa sul - basic 5
carey Martin ( kim rhodes) from the suite life of zack and cody

She is a single mother and she has two twins.She works and lives at Tipton hotel as singer.She is a great and responsibility mom.She is blond and tall. When she isn´t singing, her chothes are simple.At stage she uses beautiful dresses.

Jéssyca and Tainah - Basic 5 said...

Mary, Jesus Christ´s mother.
She was the better mother of the world, she was always helping him and she sofered for his death. She accepted the work came from God, without protest it.

Yuri, Gabriel - Brasília Asa Sul basic 5 said...

She is the mother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie...
She is wife of Homer Simpsons
she is yellow , she's crazy mother , she has a long curly hair and this blue,she's strong when homer is in danger, and very intelligent.
She have a blue car, and she don't have a job.


Lady Ashley (Nicole Kidman)- From the film Australia.

Lady Ashley is a rich woman from england, who goes to Australia to meet her husband, there she discovers that her husband is death, but also meets a litlle aboriginal boy and create a strong connection with him, but a lot of things happens trying to separete them, after all, they stay together... Lady Ashley is a rookie mom, she is not really sure about her decisions, but you can see that she really loves the boy and makes everything to be with him.

Hugo e Pedro .L- Brasilia DF Asa sul basic 5 said...


Madonna is a good mother os yours son. She loves hers three children. She adopted two babies in Africa.She's a singer. Sometimes she doesn't time for her family , because , she makes many shows in the months. She travels a lot of countries. She lives in the United States of American. She was born on August in the 1958.

Ignacio and Pedro Henrique Basic 5 AsaSul said...

britney spears

She was born on 2 december of 1981 she is 27 years old. She have 2childrens (Sean Preston and Jayden James)they have 3 and 2 yaers old.

She is a singer, very famous, she wrote many songs. In the USA she sold 31 millions CD. She have many problems with drugs and the press.

When she was 21 years old she went to the walk of fame.

Marco Antônio said...

The film Music and Lyrics, with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant is, in my opinion, a must-see for everybody.The cast, the plot and the soudtrack are excellent. It is light, relaxing and slightly funny as well.
By seeing this film, I experienced a mix of fun and excitement, which means tears and laghter at the same time. As I wrote some time ago, it is so romantic and so sweet that some tears dropped from my eyes.
And the chronology I saw on the television screen at the very end made me wonder whether the group Pop really existed or not.
However, such a doubt did not alter what I thought about the film in question whatsoever.
There is also the song Way Back Into Love, which is very catchy, reason why it sticks in my mind every time I see the film this review is about.

Marco Antônio said...

The film Music and Lyrics, with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant is, in my point of view, a must-see for everybody. The cast, the plot and the soundtrack are excellent. It is light, relaxing and slightly funny as well.
By seeing this film, I experienced a mix of fun and excitement, which means tears and laughter at the same time. As I wrote some time ago, it is so romantic and so sweet that some tears dropped from my eyes.
And the chronology I saw on the television screen at the very end made me wonder whether the group Pop really existed or not.
However, the doubt did not alter what I thought about the film in question whatsoever.
There is also the song Way Back Into Love, which is very catchy, reason why it sticks in my mind every time I see the film this review is about.