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Thursday, 28 May 2009


Have you ever been to the cinema and felt angry because people can't control themselves?

If you go to the cinema, it is important to know the basic rules of behavior:

1. Don't cut lines. If you don't like waiting...plan to arrive early;
2. Respect other people's space. Nobody needs to smell your feet;
3. Don't block the view. You aren't invisible;
4. Don't use your mobile. You won't die if you leave it alone for just 2 hours;
5. Don't eat large meals because people might not want to smell your food;
6. Don't throw things at people, mainly food, there are hungry kids in need of food;
7. Dont talk to the actors. They can't hear you anyway;
8. Don't scare people. Not all cinemas have paramedics;
9.Don't scream, clap or spoil the film. Too much noise is annoying and you wouldn't like to have a shoe thrown at you;
And remember ...the cinema is not the place for excessive signs of affection!

Tell us ...what annoys you the most when you go to the cinema?

Posted by Young Express 6 - ASA SUL
Teacher: Giselle


Fatima Guedes said...

What really annoys me when I go to the cinema is when people talk during the film, sometimes even coming up with its end. Too annoying!!!

ME said...

You guys listed it all. I have to say I hate when my wife makes me get late to the movies...

By the way, wonderful video, I had a lot of fun. Great job!

Marcelo, Taguatinga

sananenena said...

Great rules, fantastic project. The video must have been really fun to produce ;) Congrats!

Sandra - Icaraí 2, Niterói-RJ

Vânia Almeida said...

I like movie!!! My class participate too!
Kisses for my teacher Amanda(Cultura Sudoeste-Brasília)

Simonne B. said...

What really bugs me is when people fart near you. Room is dark, I´m eating popcorn...it´s disgusting.