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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Interesting Movie facts

Pirates of the Caribbean interesting facts:
*The movie has 80 different filming mistakes
*It was based on a ride at Disneyworld.
*The character´s name William Turner is based on a famous painter

REC interesting facts:
* When the fireman falls down from the 3rd floor, everybody gets surprised because no one knows what will happen.
* The movie was filmed in an abandoned building.
* The movie Quarantine is a copy of REC, with the same scenes, the same story.
* At the end, a Brazilian newspaper appears: Jornal da Tarde

3 random interesting movie facts:
* For the movie The Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland was paid US$35 a week, while Toto, the dog received US$125 a week.
* Before anyone was killed in the movie The Godfather, an orange is always seen somewhere.
* The producers of the movie ... Gone with the Wind was fined US$5000 allowing the word "damn" to be heard within the movie's dialogue.

3 interesting facts about The Bourne Trilogy
* Initially, the the main actor was Brad Pitt, and not Matt Damon.
* The cost of the movie was US$75 million.
* It is the second movie in which Matt Damon and Albert Finney work together - the first was Ocean's Twelve.

2 interesting facts about Gandhi
* It is the film with the most extras: 200 000 volunteers and 94 560 other people starred in the scene of Gandhi's funeral.
* They used eleven cameras for four hours in this scene, edited to 2 minutes and five seconds.

Plus 1, Asa Norte