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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Students takes on some all time favourites

A Cultura Express 1 Group from Sudoeste has reviewed some all time classics...They used the tips posted by teacher Gisele´s students on how to write a movie review.

This comes to show that anyone, no matter what their level, can produce a wonderful piece of writing with just a little help.

Patch Adams

This is an interesting film of a famous and true story. It is about love, care and wish of a better world. Robin Williams is an excellent actor and a very funny comedian. Patch Adams wants to commit suicide and to prevent that he goes to psychiatric hospital. After that he decides to be a doctor, but in a different way. The method he uses is not accepted by other doctors and professors because they feel envy and prejudice when Patch Adams gets famous. We recommend this film to all publics, especially families because it shows us hope, love and the idea that dreams can come true.

Claudia, Darcy, Dominique, Edvânia, Eliane, Jacqueline, Juliana, Maria Alice, Mariel, Ravena and Rodrigo.
Cultura Express 1 - Teacher Amanda
Sudoeste branch.

Marley and me

Marley and me is a good adventure/comedy film. It is a true story about two journalists, a wife (Jennifer Aniston) and a husband (Owen Wilson). They don´t have children and they buy a dog. Its name is Marley. It is funny, disobedient, terrible and a crazy dog, but it´s a good friend and it loves the family. It likes mangoes, dog food (A LOT!), sofas...everything! It hates thunders and pillows. The soundtrack is ok and the cast is funny. The setting changes sometimes and shows beautiful places in Florida and Philadelphia. We think it is a good film and we recommend it for children and families because it is about friendship.
The message we have about this film is that dogs like Marley have to stay on farms, not in houses. Dogs are part of a family, but they are not children.

Isabella, Magali, Mara and Sérgio.
Cultura Express 1 - Teacher Amanda
Sudoeste branch

PS I love you

PS I love you is an excellent film. The story is about a young wife and husband. They are married for ten years but their romance is interrupted because he (Gerard Butler) has cancer. After he dies, Holly (Hilary Swank) is devastaded and her mother (Kathy Bates), sister (Nellie Mckay) and two friends Denise (Lisa Kudrow) and Sharon (Gina Gershon) try to cheer her up. Her husband sends to her many letters to remember the past and remind her that she has to continue her life. The setting is Ireland, pubs, lakes, farm and their apartment, with the message that love is forever and that we have to seize the day (carpe diem).
We recommend this film to everybody, but not children because of the sensual scenes.

Adriana, Alexandre, Barbara, Carlos, Daniel, Irandir, Míriam, Núbia and William.
Cultura Express 1 - Teacher Amanda
Sudoeste branch


Vânia Almeida said...

This films is very good.
Cool teacher Amanda!!!